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Be Your Own Betty (BYOB)!


Better World Betty unveilsa an innovative way that Charlottesville-area residents can increase their eco-living practices in their own homes: “Betty’s Home Menu.” The menu below details action items that people can complete at home that will help them save money and be better stewards of the community – starting in their own backyards. (This campaign was originally made possible thanks to an eco-living grant fund of the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation)

How it works:

1- Choose from a list of eco-actions: “appetizers” (the simple stuff), “main courses” (bigger actions), or “family style” (requiring a deeper investment).

2- Take action!

Download your own copy:  Betty's Home Menu

Looking to use the Home Menu in your community or organization?

Read our manual on why and how to use Betty’s Home Menu of eco-actions!

Betty's Home Menu Manual


Need a little help checking things off your menu order? Peruse these Betty resources for guidance. Don’t see what you need? Send us an email with your question at!

Carbon credits:

CFLs and LEDs:






Home energy check-up:

Junk mail:

Organic produce (Dirty Dozen and Clean 15):

Plug loads:

Reusable bags and Water bottles: