Say “no” to JUNK MAIL!

Reduce Junk Mail Today!

Betty loves trees because they are living air conditioners, naturally cooling the earth. They store co2 and thus help reduce co2 building in our atmosphere.

Do you know the impact of JUNK MAIL?

TREES: 65 million trees used annually
WATER: 28 billion gallons of water are used annually
ENERGY: Equal to 38 trillion BTUs (cost of running over a million households)
CARBON EMMISSIONS: 5.2 million tons (equivalent to 1.2 millions cars)
The average American receives more than 500 pieces of junk mail each year. That comes out to 30 pounds of mail for every American or one tree per household annually. Much of this mail goes unopened and then to our landfill.
Follow these easy steps below:

According to idealbite, if everyone in the US was able to reduce their 10.8 pieces of junk mail received each week, we could save nearly 100 million trees each year!

Have a smart phone? Download the PaperKarma application, where you simply take a picture of your junkmail and it automatically sends a letter to the company requesting an opt out. How cool is that?!Have time?

Two more links: (quick, free way to reduce junk mail) (highly recommended, quick, informative)

TOO BUSY and Don’t have time? promises to completely remove you from up to 95% of the junk mail lists by contacting each organization from which you receive mail and/or catalogs for a one-time fee of $41. They will also be donating approximately 50% of their fee to the New American Dream junk mail campaign! What are you Bettys and Baldwins waiting for?