Hi! Welcome to Better World Betty! See what we’re all about and how we can help you go green one fun, easy step at a time!

About us

We think everyone “needs a Betty” – a fun and friendly go-to source for all things green. Better World Betty is a local eco-hub: a one-stop source for all things sustainability related.

The problem of global climate change is difficult and overwhelming to digest. Most folks don’t always know what they as individuals can do, where to even start incorporating changes into their daily lives. Too often we fall back into convenience and complacence. “Betty” is the friend that will take your hand and support you wherever you are on this trajectory of change.

Better World Betty’s mission is to empower people and businesses with the tools they need to be more environmentally sustainable. We provide local information, resources and solutions to eco-problems in a friendly, non-judgmental, and digestible way.

Environmentalism begins both in your own backyard and workplace culture. So we hope you enjoy the local resources we collected for the Charlottesville area.  Everyone’s a Betty — starting with you!