Zero Waste Warriors

2014 – 2015 Program

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About Us

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The Zero Waste Warriors was a program that Better World Betty ran from 2014 – 2015 and consisted of a group of passionate and informed volunteers dedicated to advancing the goals of the Charlottesville Albemarle Recycling Taskforce (CART). They were CART’s boots-on-the-ground ambassadors who used their local connections with residents, students, and business owners to clear up the recycling confusion that has wrought Albemarle in recent years and forge a more progressive path for our community.

The Zero Waste Warriors hoped to 1- Establish a strong and informed group of volunteers armed with the facts about recycling, 2- Educate the Charlottesville area public on issues of sustainable materials management, and 3- Engage the local community in a fun and friendly way to spread passion for better recycling techniques.

They held monthly info meetings with FUN activities

Past Events

Recycling Trivia Night at Wild Wings Cafe– November 2014




 Recycled Craft Night at Cville Coffee– December 2014


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recycled craft4

Recycling Film Night at ReThreads– January 2015

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Recycling Bingo Night at EcoVillage– February 2015





5 Ways to Reuse an Old T-Shirt at ReThreads Consignment– March 2015

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