Today’s Eco-Conundrum: what do I do with old paint cans?!

by Betty on July 9, 2012

Old Paint Can

Old Paint Can


What is the best way to dipose of paint cans that hold or held paint that is water soluble… not oil.




Hi Jim,

If it still has some paint (no more than a 1/4 can), then put some eco-friendly (not strip-mined) cat litter or chopped up newspaper in the can to soak it up overnight and then recycle just like you would any other aluminum can!

If it’s fuller than that you have three options:

1- Take it out to Peter Vanderlinde’s place at Zion Crossroads (they’ll recycle it) OR

2- Donate it to Discovery Museum or your other favorite kids’ places (schools, church nurseries, etc) OR

3-Wait until the next Household Hazardous Waste Day in the fall 2012 or Spring 2013.

Thanks for caring! ┬áThe Earth thanks you…

Better World Betty


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