It wasn’t until I visited the New England Aquarium and saw a lobster that was over 3 feet long (the size they used to be), that it finally sank in for me — it’s yummy and healthy, but it’s important that we take care of our ocean life.

Seafood is sold at all major supermarkets, and most of us buy it without thinking about where it comes from and how it is caught. The fact is, though, if we continue to fish in massive quantities, not only will there not be fish left, but the fishing industry could change the very eco-system of our oceans. Farm raised or fresh? How does the consumer keep up with which are the overfished friends?

The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s pocket buying guide takes all the guess work out of the equation, allowing you to make smart decisions on which fish to buy. They do extensive research on aquatic environments, fish practices, and more, and then update the guides every year. Order yours for FREE at www.seafoodwatch.org or contact Betty and she’ll send you one. Don’t shop without it!

Shoe Repair:

No better way to save your Earthly “sole” than by getting those old shoes repaired!

Ace Shoe Repair: (434) 973-9011, 242 Zan Rd. (next to Giant).
Bob Han’s Shoe Repair: (434) 978-2983, 1718 Hydraulic Rd., located in the center below K-Mart. I thought my Austrian Edelweiss-laden shoes (the kind Heidi wore) were headed for the donation pile until the careful cleaners at Han’s managed to erase the tea spill so they are good as new.


Ragged Mountain Running Shop: (434) 293-3367, 3 Elliewood Ave. It goes without saying that the Lorenzonis believe in giving back to their community. Take your old running shoes in, they will donate them, and give you a 10% discount on new ones. www.raggedmountainrunning.com


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Online apparel and accessories. Fair trade and made by women from various countries around the world. www.globalgirlfriend.com

Solar Heating:

Altenergy Incorporated: (434)882-0908, Paul Risberg, owner. This company sells solar thermal (h20) and photovoltaic (electricity). “Practicality forces us to design systems that ensure hot water at the tap when you turn it on. Altenergy Incorporated knows how to use the very best and efficient technologies to build a reliable hot water plant for your home. A system that will pay for itself and provide your family with clean, renewable energy.”

Sports Equipment:

Play It Again Sports: (434) 973-2638, 1885 Seminole Trail. Troy Crews has owned this sports equipment store for 15 yrs. They carry 20% used items and 80% new (they are seeking to expand that to 30/70). They consign, trade or give cash for gently used or new sports equipment. www.playitagainsportscville.com