Resources for Schools

Hello! My name is Anna Perry and I am a senior at Charlottesville High School. This past year I became invested in finding the best ways that not only my school, but schools throughout the area can reduce their impact on the environment and create a more sustainable campus, as well as a more educated student body. The following are some ideas to get started, I hope they help!

Five Target Areas for Schools 

1.Waste Management 


– Consider creating printing and copying limits for both students and faculty

-Promote usage of online teacher/student resources and websites


-Establish a fundamental understanding of the single-stream recycling versus mixed waste disposals

-Create informative signs/posters around recycling bins


-Start composting at your school- the following is a link to Black Bear Composting, a company which has worked with area schools to establish composting during lunches

-Research local recycling companies that collect a broader spectrum of materials

2.Energy Conservation

•Perform light audits and record areas of the buildings that tend to have unnecessary electric consumption

•Encourage faculty to turn off lights and power strips to their computers at the end of the day

•Consider installation of motion-sensored lights in hallways and classrooms, along with replacement of incandescent bulbs with LED lights

3.Water Conservation

•Station rain barrels around heavy storm runoff areas

•Consider planting rain gardens around parking lots and pavement

-More information on rain gardens:


•Support mass transit awareness

•Calculate and create maps with the safest biking routes toward and around school campus

•Create incentives for car pools to and from school


•Start a school garden

•Plant native species around fields/in established gardens

•Reduce use of harmful fertilizers and water on sports fields