Know Before You Throw Brochure

Recycling in Charlottesville, VA

**NEW** Reycling 101 “Know Before You Throw” Brochure KnowBeforeYouThrowRecycleBrochure_Rev.pdf!

We know recycling in Charlottesville and Albemarle County can be confusing!

Many people we meet who move here from places like California or New York or Texas are astounded that we have services encouraging people to throw their recyclables in with their trash.

Well, we don’t wholeheartedly believe in that method either because it doesn’t provide for the highest quality recyclable product to be then reused into a product that is back on the shelf — in a total closed loop system.  If you aren’t a recycler at all, then YES it’s a step up.  But for the avid recycler like you and me, we want to keep the separated or “single-stream” recycling method available for the community.

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**NEW** Know Before You Throw Brochure KnowBeforeYouThrowRecycleBrochure_Rev.pdf!