Pool-side Skinny: Water and Energy Saving Tips for Your Pool

by Betty on July 13, 2012

kids swimming

Above all, pool covers are key to reducing pool heating costs –  by 50-70% according to the Department of Energy—as well as saving on water evaporation.  Uncovered pool can lose 4-6 ft of water a year. Also keeping your pool at a steady 78 degrees is a good idea.

If you use your pool just on the weekend, turn the heat down by 8-10degrees and if you head out for a week, be sure to turn it off altogether.

Well-placed hedges and other smart landscaping can further reduce heating needs.

If you can afford the switch, there are a lot of new energy-efficient pumps and filters on the market.  Compared to running an old-style one-speed pump 24/7, you can save as much as 90% in utility costs with a new variable heat pump.  You could also consider a solar-powered heat pump.

Saline pools are becoming more and more popular as a chlorine-intense alternative.  They are softer on the skin and eyes and use less chemicals.  The cost and maintenance is comparable, but the debate continues as salt has corrosive properties.  Do your research.  As someone who has swam in both, I enjoy saline as my eyes don’t sting post-swimming.


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