Office Supplies:

American offices throw away enough paper each year to build a wall twelve feet high stretching from Los Angeles to New York City! There is no reason that office paper, newspaper, magazines cannot be recycled. An astonishing 90% of paper in America still comes from virgin paper! Making newspaper from recycled paper uses 40% of the energy it takes to use new, virgin paper.

ROSE (Reusable Office Supply Exchange) at UVA: located in the Recycling building at the end of Leake Drive. The ROSE Program collects gently or never used office supplies from departments throughout UVa and distributes these materials to anyone who wants them. UVA Rose Program https://sustainability.virginia.edu/programs/recycling/index.html
Staples: (434) 977-5506. I recently talked to the manager who said that Staples is making more of a concerted effort to sell recyclable supplies than any of their competitors. I can vouch for that. (Their competitor (eh hem O.D.) recently began selling only their own brand with at most 30% post-consumer recycled content). Staples sells copy paper and notepads containing 100% post-consumer content! Their website also has many great ideas on how to “go green” at your office. www.staples.com¬†www.thegreenoffice.com If you want your office to go green, this is a good place to start. I love it because you can search products according to greenness.

Also try www.conservatree.org