How to Recycle Microwave Ovens (not working)

by Betty on July 11, 2012

Best Buy

434-977-1578 | Mon-Sat 10-9pm Sun 11-7pm
1615 Emmet Street North, Charlottesville, VA 22901

Appliance Pickup
Best Buy will remove up to two appliances from your home for recycling.

Fee for standard pickup service of two Appliances is $100.
Each additional appliance will be removed at a cost of $20.
Visit your nearest Best Buy store to schedule your pickup time.
Payment for pickup service must be completed in-store.
Best Buy will remove old appliances from consumer’s homes.
The units are collected from Best Buy by our licensed, third-party
recycling partners.
The recyclers examine and evaluate the used appliances for repair
and/or reuse*.
They salvage reusable and/or repairable parts from the units.
They safely remove CFCs and any other universal waste for separate
Using various technologies our recyclers employ the separating out of
the various commodities (Metals, Plastics, Glass, etc.).
Those commodities are then sent to end markets to be recycled and
re-purposed into new products.

* The extent to which the parts of any appliance are capable of being
reused or recycled will depend on the nature of the unit.

Cycle Systems

434-296-6465 | M-F 8-3:45
100 Meade Ave., Charlottesville, VA

Purchases steel, iron, copper pipe, insulated wire, and aluminum. Containers can be provided to businesses with large amounts of metal.


434-817-1100 | Mon-Fri 10-8pm, Sat 10-9pm, Sun 12-5pm
784 Rio Hill Shopping Cntr, Charlottesville, VA

For a nomial fee, Crutchfield will recycle computers, audio systems, TVs, some small appliance and electronics, etc.


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