A Green App a Day Keeps the Greenhouse Gasses Away!

by Betty on March 17, 2016

Betty's Favorite Apps Betty’s Favorite Apps

For those of you who weren’t able to join us at Firefly for yummy green appetizers and some favorite apps, here is a list of some of our favorite FREE apps!

Light Bulb Finder

I loved this app when we switched our candle-style bulbs from ancient incandescents to the latests LEDs (super savings!).  It will ask you pertinent questions like what room is the bulb for, how many, what shape, etc and it spits out a ready-made shopping list for you!  Of course, it doesn’t have EVERY bulb known to modern man, so call Batteries Plus Bulbs for the more obscure bulbs out there.

Paper Karma

Another fantastic app!  This one gets rid of junk mail and who doesn’t need that?  Simply scan your catalog and it send a note to opt you out of that catalog.  Presto, bingo!  Of course, it can take weeks, but… #WORTH IT!

seafood watch appSeafood Watch

Do you love seafood as much as I do?  Then you need this app!  From the Monterey Bay Aquarium, these guys are the science behind sustainable fishing consuming.  Monitoring methods and populations to give you the best choices when purchasing seafood.  Shopping.  In a restaurant.  Or just curious.  This is a great app.

irecycleI-recycle powered by Earth911

This is a great quick reference for recycling choices for just about everything.  Beware that it’s on a national scale, so for the local recycling option, consult Betty’s Charlottesville/Albemarle database right here on this very site first OR ask betty by emailing betterworldbetty@gmail.com.

skin deep

Skin Deep (Now the Healthy Living App)

This is a great app to have while you’re in the grocery store or pharmacy.  Many don’t realize the harmful ingredients manufacturers put into personal care products like the recently banned plastic microbeads that are in toothpaste, scrubs, and soaps (won’t begin to come out of products until mid-2017).  This app allows you to scan the product or type the brand/name and the health rating and list of harmful ingredients will pop up!  Really important app for healthy living.

The Guardian – has a great environmental news app that is a nice aggregate for the latest headlines on the national/international green scene.

Is there a great eco-app not listed here?  Email us at betterworldbetty@gmail.com or comment below and we’ll keep spreading the green word…

All the Best,



p.s. if anyone knows what happened to the “drip detective” app, we’d love to know!

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