Give the Gift of Betty!

This holiday season, gift the gift of a better world! Show your love for your family and friends by making a donation to support a more sustainable community today and for future generations. Give the gift of Better World Betty! We appreciate donations in ANY amount, but if you’re curious how we spend donations here are some examples for how we can use your dollars:

  • Eco-hotline to solve your burning eco-conundrums ($50/month)
  • Outfit one of our “Zero Waste Warriors” community recycling advocates with a t-shirt ($10), advocacy coaching ($50) and/or educational materials ($25)
  • Fund qualifying Better Business Challenge 2015/2016 participants who may not otherwise be able to join the program ($100/business)

Make a donation in the name of a family member or friend now!

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Then, download and print this “gift certificate” to showcase your gift!

Gift of Betty