Behold the toothbrush!

by Betty on February 1, 2008

You bright green friends out there may have noticed that there are some items in your household that seem next to impossible to find a greener, earth-friendlier alternative.

Personal care products fall into that category. They are often the ugliest offenders of consumption and environmental waste – disposable razors, plastic containers for lotions of all shapes and sizes, and the one that we find needs replacing at least every six months (with our kids at least)- our toothbrushes. And with a family of four that adds up to hundreds of toothbrushes by the time these kidos flee the nest.

A company that has done an amazing job of closing the loop (which is rare, my bright green friends) is Recycline. A Massachusettes-based company founded by earth-lover Eric Hudson, this company is doing their part and then some. Get this: they actually provide the postage-paid envelope at the store for sending back your used recycline product. How’s that for easy?

Back in December I blogged about one of their most popular products – their razors.
Today I was thrilled to find their toothbrush at Whole Foods.

Their toothbrushes are made with recycled Stoneyfield yogurt cups; in fact, 2 million recycled cups have been reused so far. And, bless them, last year they finally turned a profit!

This is just a simple way to make a difference with our dollars: buy your personal care products from Recycline sold at Whole Foods and talk it up to your friends!


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