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I was looking to recycle some of CFL tubes and bulbs and was wondering about where I could recycle them. 

Thanks for the great question! Batteries Plus Bulbs accepts these for a fee, but it is an EPA approved recycling process! Lowe’s has receptacles near customer service designed for standard-size CFLs. (Customers are asked to tie the bulb into a plastic bag before depositing it in the bin.) They told me there is no limit to the quantity of CFLs they will accept. Lowe’s said they would like to help recycle the fluorescent tubes, but they don’t accept them because they are much larger and don’t fit into the containers they provide for bulb recycling. Batteries Plus charges .25 cent/foot for recycling the fluorescent tubes, or $1 for a bulb four feet in length or longer.

Where can I recycle old Christmas lights (non LED)? 

When Betty cannot find a local solution I resort to a web search and this is what I came up with… Unfortunately you will need to throw them in a box and send them to one of these recommendations from Earth911.