Questions About Food


Has Betty got any advice about takeout meals for public meetings? 

What should I buy for the committee, that is:

·         Nourishing to maintain energy for work

·         Not extravagantly priced

·         Sustainably packaged?

It’s two events: one needs dinner, the other needs lunch, both need snacks and drinks.

Also plates, cups, napkins, drinks.

I was thinking Whole Foods Prepared Foods would have it all in one place, convenient to
the venue.

Do you have a better tip on sourcing? I’d also need a composting connection for our food

We have struggled with this both at BWB and when I was at LEAP (I.e. We learned the hard way – Panera is over packaged and full of plastic utensil inserts).

The Better Business Challenge website is a handy local resource. I went to our
Resources>Purchasing page and found this. It’s an example of a catering policy from VMDO Architects, one of our Challenge winners.

And this is what we learned first hand from the Business Challenge:
Harvest Moon Catering is the best, but might not be in your price point
Whole Foods – great idea. I think we did this one once and kept the platter for future

Add Baggby’s– we used them once and if I remember it was good – sandwiches in a brown
paper bag.  Pretty much everything would be recyclable except for the chips bag if you got that.