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Cassettes and Tapes

I have a pile of cookbooks to get rid of – any organizations (Habitat, Goodwill) that take them or book swaps to recommend? Or, is there a book recycle bin at McIntire?

Yes, there is a book bin at McIntire. That’s what I would do… SPCA Rummage store likes books too! Also, the JMRL twice-yearly book sale is a great place to donate cookbooks. Based on how often we have to restock those shelves, it is a popular area for many.

What is a good use for repurposing new (but outdated) magazines locally – health, entertainment weekly, etc?

Thanks for asking this great question!

Hospitals, doctors offices, and dental offices (especially your health magazines) are usually in need of reading material for their waiting rooms! Before you head to your next appointment, call and ask if they can put your magazines to good use for visitors to enjoy.

The arts and crafts program at our Adult Day Centers (ACC) may also be able to use your donations for an upcoming project.

ACC in Charlottesville                                     Betty Queen Community Center
674 Hillsdale Drive                                          522 Industrial Drive
Charlottesville, VA 22901                                Louisa, VA 93093
(434) 817-5222                                                (540) 967-4433

For more magazine repurposing tips, check out RecycleBank!

And for any leftover magazines, make sure they end up in your recycling bin!

Can you recommend a place to recycle audio tapes/cassettes? I’ve got 2 boxes worth ready to go somewhere!

Thanks for the great question! Here’s what we came up with for recycling your old audio tapes:

1) Get Crafty

There are a number of ways to reuse the pesky ribbon found inside your old tapes. RecycleCindy of MyRecycledBags.com provides step by step instructions on how to create your own purses and tote bags using VHS and cassette tape. You can also make belts, bags, wallets, and neckties! eBay also offers some unique handicraft solutions for cassette and VHS tapes, including office and garden supplies, and even furniture!

2) Donate

Normally, I’m all about donating your used items to a thrift store or charity, but in this case, I’d like to leave you with a precaution before you donate; cassette and VHS tapes are outdated. The chances of any thrift shop being able to sell all the donated tapes are slim to none, which means they’ll likely end up in the trash pile. So consider putting in the extra effort to recycle them yourself so you know they are properly disposed of!

3) Recycling Options

GreenDisk, one of the largest e-waste recyclers in the U.S. offers multiple methods for sending in your technotrash. If you have a lot of e-waste, Technotrash Cans can be purchased in different sizes and include postage, processing, and audit report. Or, you can ship GreenDisk materials on your own and pay the shipping.

If you’re looking to recycle your tapes at no cost, your options are few and far between. However, Alternative Community Training (ACT) still accepts donations of VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs, and the plastic storage cases for tapes and discs. ACT is a not-for-profit, nationally accredited, private agency which provides services to individuals with disabilities. Note: ACT does not currently accept audio tapes (for a full list of restricted items, visit their website).

There is one company in Florida which confirmed that they do recycle video tapes. They are called Relectrocycle. You can mail your video tapes to them at 5919 SE 68th St. Suite 108, Ocala, FL 34472. Additionally, Sidetracks CDs, DVD, LPs etc. near downtown Charlottesville offer a few services that allow you to get rid of your old CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes and records. If these items still have retail value then Sidetracks will buy them from you and give you cash on the spot. They will also take any old items regardless of retail value. Such devices will either be properly recycled or turned into up-cycled art. Hope this helps!