Questions about Energy



Just wondering if you knew of any annual events that allow you to recycle alkaline batteries for free! I was kind of disappointed to have to pay $1.49 per pound to recycle these at Batteries Plus!

Thanks for asking this question about batteries as it’s something many people wonder about. The good news is that the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority holds household hazardous waste special collection events several times each year. The next one is scheduled for Friday March 6 from 2 – 6 pm and Saturday March 7 from 9 am – 2 pm at the Ivy Material Utilization Center located at 4576 Dick Woods Road (Rt. 637). Items that can be recycled during this event include batteries, gasoline, household cleaners, paint and oil.

Our electric bill is enormous, and up 30% from last January. We are wondering if you provide a service that can tell us where our biggest source of energy usage is, and how to improve it? Is there someone who can come to our house? Thank you!

Glad you found us! I would contact my colleague Alex at, 434-227-4666 and tell them Betty sent you! 🙂 They should be able to do a home energy check up for about $45! Also check out our energy resources page on the Better World Betty website for easy and friendly tips. Thanks for caring!