Who is Betty?

Betty, herself
Betty is the 50’s housewife reinvented for the 21st century. Instead of working in the kitchen (burning all those nasty fossil fuels with her oven and stovetop running), she is figuring out ways to “green” the American lifestyle.  She tends to the Earth, bringing a better world to the table, rather than a big roast turkey. Betty believes big changes begin with small steps and sees the potential in all of us to do better.

Teri Kent, founder
This former middle-school English teacher (I saw your nose crinkle up), turned stay-home mom sometimes answers to “Betty.”  Growing up in the West, Teri learned a love of nature from the red hiking amidst the red rocks of Arches National Park and mountain-biking slick-rock in Moab.  Fourteen years ago she relocated to Charlottesville. After eight years of teaching, she quit to raise her two children who are now school-age. She has the energy, charisma, and determination to bring everyone helping the environment together in this small community through an interactive, informative and user-friendly website and in-person outreach.

Betty Lou, my mom Nan Strother
My mom has been an invaluable supporter of Better World Betty from the beginning (November 25, 1970!).  I thank her for the copious amounts of long-distance listening, advising, and typing (sometimes into the wee hours –“email sent 3:40am”).  Besides inheriting her fabulous ability to flirt, I also have her stubbornness – I mean perseverance.  Thanks, Mom.  She goes green by using biodegradable golf tees, driving her electric golf cart to the gym, and braggin about the Betty work we are doing here in Cville and beyond!

Board of Directors

Teri Kent, Executive Director

Erika Herz, Associate Director of Sustainability Programs, UVA Darden School of Business

Ted Horn, Vice-President, Martin Horn Construction

Anna Joyce Gayle, LEED Green Associate

Eduardo Katz, former National Park Director for Chile and Environmental Economics Professor