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Better World Betty’s mission is to empower people and businesses with the tools they need to be more environmentally sustainable.


We believe every city needs a Betty – a friendly, fun and friendly source for all things green. An organization that is passionate about the environment in his/her local community, energetic, and is “in the know” i.e. has a “Betty” you can go to for answers. Better World Betty is a local eco-hub: a one-stop source for all things sustainability related.


The problem of global climate change is difficult and overwhelming to digest. Most folks don’t always know what they as individuals can do, where to even start incorporating changes into their daily lives. Too often we fall back into convenience and complacence.

“Betty” is the friend that will take your hand and support you wherever you are on this trajectory of change:

  1. We provide local information, resources and solutions to eco-problems in a friendly, non-judgmental, and digestable way.
  2. We offer education and training as well as tips and tools to facilitate eco-friendly change, one business, one family, one person at a time.
  3. Environmentalism begins both in your own backyard and workplace culture.

Part of Betty’s success as a brand and a force in Charlottesville has been that the concept of a persona, Better World Betty, readily enters the hearts and minds of people. BWB taps into everyone’s desire to do good, to do better, which is a fundamental desire in human beings.

When Teri Kent, founder, talks to people in the community, they say things like, “Betty would be proud! The other day I took my broken microwave that I’ve had in the garage for five years into Best Buy” or “Betty would love this: when we were on vacation we walked instead of taking car or bus to the beach and along the way we were picking up trash along the side of the road and we thought of Betty!”

Betty is different from other environmental organizations in that we deliver our message in fast, fun, friendly ways, steering away from a negative or fear-based approach. We have created online and offline channels that include an out-of-the box fun element to meet our goals as an organization.