Got those post-pregnancy pants still hanging in the closet? Can’t part with the pants you shrunk in the wash? Give them new life with an alteration. Most shops will lower the hem, fix the zipper, or do minor repairs for around ten dollars.

Heidi’s Perfect Fit: (434) 295-8777, 1311 Wertland St. Suite C (near the corner parking garage).


The important thing to look for when purchasing appliances is energy efficiency. Find out from Consumer Reports or www.energystar.gov.

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Auto parts/repair:

AutoZone: (434) 963-2655, 910 River Rd.  AutoZone store accepts used car batteries for recycling (most stores accept used motor oil and other used fluids as well). Last year, AutoZone recycled more than 6.5 million batteries and 20 million quarts of oil.
Advance Auto Parts: (434) 974-6165, 540 Shoppers World Ct, (434) -984-0013 100, S. Pantops Dr.
Advance accepts your used motor oil and used car batteries. They offer incentives for bringing in your old car battery, and replacing it with a new one from their store.