5 ways to green your summer!

by Betty on June 27, 2014

  1. Better World Betty's Earth Week Recap Teri Kent serving up Green Recipes for your summer…

    1. Save Energy and Money!

    • LEAP Instead of turning your thermostat down, turn it up (recommended that it’s set at 78 degrees)
    • Look into a programmable thermostat
    • As always, unplug appliances and electronics when not in use – cooler cooking
    • Keep blinds closed (those facing the sun)
    • Use ceiling fans when A/C is on to improve circulation
    • Enjoy cold foods that don’t require cooking (and therefore don’t add extra heat to your house)


    2. Summer Travel

    • Plan a Staycation
    • Enjoy time off locally, reduce travel costs and carbon emissions
    • Check out a local lake/river or plan a camping trip in the surrounding area
    • Plan a picnic and head out for a local hike!


    3. Safer in the Sun

    • Buy ewg.org approved sunscreen that does not contain chemicals that are harmful to you or the environment.  Download the app to make it easy to search when you in the store
While outside, don’t forget to keep the bugs away using natural products that do not contain DEET
    • Effective natural insect repellent products include: Catnip, citronella, garlic, lavender, neem oil, soy oil, black pepper and lotus.  Rebecca’s and Integral Yoga and the new Elderberry store has plenty of great choices.


    4. Better Grilling

    • When grilling, use propane instead of charcoal
    • Natural charcoal produces significantly less ash than briquettes
    • Logos such as Forest Stewardship Council or Rainforest Alliance to ensure eco-friendly charcoal brands
    • If you are buying a new grill, look into electric/infrared grills or solar grills
    • At Barbeques avoid plastic/paper plates/napkins/silverware and look into compostable or reusable products  – have you seen the inexpensive pop up recycling bags made from easily recyclable #2 plastic!  Very cool.


    5. Water Wiser

    • Water grass in the morning or evening to prevent evaporation
    • Leaving grass long makes your lawn more drought resistant
    • Use rain barrels to collect rain water to use to water garden and plants
    • Run washing machine and dishwasher with full loads only
    • Shorter showers and even try taking a cold shower after being outside in the heat!
    • Check out our Ask Betty Column for ideas of fun summer kids games that use minimal water
    • Make sure to hydrate throughout the summer and drink lots of fresh, clean, filtered tap water, using reusable water bottles of course! (don’t freeze these)

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